Architectural Control Committee

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The ACC oversees development in the subdivision to preserve property values and amenities and maintain the prestige of the community at large.

Exterior Home Projects

Exterior home projects need approval in advance. You can click on the links below or pick up forms and guidelines at the Clubhouse office. Please try to get your requests in a few weeks ahead of project start date. Common exterior projects include:

Z    Roofing/Shingles
Z    Exterior painting of home
Z    Deck Extension
Z    Hot tubs
Z    Tree Removal/Planting
Z    Fence Construction

Bayshore Homeowner Links

Additional Municipal Contacts and Links

Z    911 – Emergency
Z    800-222-1222 – Poison Control – Emergency
Z    907-343-8122 – Animal Control
Z    907-563-7366 – Chugach Electric Company ( for outages)
Z    907-522-2220 – Denali Disposal (dumpster)
Z    907-277-5551 – Enstar Natural Gas
Z    907-267-4950 – Fire Department Dispatch – Non-Emergency
Z    907-267-2257 – Fish & Game (carcass removal)
Z    907-343-4663 – Graffiti Busters
Z    907-786-8830 – Junk Vehicles / Abandoned Cars
Z    907-306-7324 – Lawn Service for owners; Kim Wilcox, homeowners
Z    907-267-4950 – Paramedics – Non-Emergency
Z    311 or 907-786-8900 – Police Department Dispatch – Non-Emergency
Z    907-343-6363 – Pot Hole Hotline
Z    800-446-8848 – QuickBooks Intuit Payroll Support
Z    907-343-8406 – Sign damaged (stop sign, etc.) MOA sign shop (after hours 907-343-4384)
Z    907-343-4557 – Street Lights Out
Z    907-343-8277 – Street Maintenance Dispatch

Need Some Help with your Home Improvement Projects?

Here are a few vendors who met with homeowners at Bayshore’s Home Improvement Fairs:

Vendor List Spring 2017
Vendor List Spring 2016
Vendor List Spring 2015

For questions or more information, please call:
Architectural Control Inspector
Phone Number
907-344-0539 ext. 6